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27 January 2018
Fire Island, NY (FI) is Fire Island, NY's #1 Source for FI news and related events. As the largest and most influential digital property in the geographic space, the site's objective is to provide Fire Island enthusiasts with the opportunity to learn about, be introduced to, and kept abreast of news and resources that will help them enjoy their stay on the Island and when frequenting other places. Hundreds of thousands of site visitors check in each year for news and content from - join us on Facebook.

1 January 2018
Fire Island, NY is the "...artificial intelligence meets digital content providers worldwide" division of The site is helpful to the thousands of bloggers, news outlets, sources, social media, businesses, press etc. that want to get their message in front of the Fire Island community - via news everyday. This digital journal is public and is shared as a free FI news aggregation service - great for research and helpful to the community. If interested in submitting content, send a note to